Launched in 2009, Pegshot was arguably the first location-based mobile photo AND video sharing application available on the Apple iPhone. As a co-founder, I focused largely on my team's mobile app development as well as all product design and marketing. At the time, I had been working with our team to develop a mobile app for consumers to quickly capture and upload video on WellcomeMat. Videos could be tagged immediately with relevant local MLS information and then shared online. With Pegshot, we simply broadened the concept to support video AND photos tagged to places as opposed to property.

I even loved his concept of Pegshot that honestly could have been what Instagram was today, it was the same concept at the exact time instagram was in play.“

Matthew J. Leone, Chief Marketing Officer at Brown Harris Stevens

While Pegshot received early support and accolades, over time the market became oversaturated with platforms (e.g. Instagram) with more greater scale and larger financial backing. Consequently, in 2011 we shuttered Pegshot and continued focusing on the growth of WellcomeMat.