About Phil


Photo of Phil Thomas Di Giulio during Internet Week in NYC

I help companies successfully bring new products and services to market. Currently managing product, development and marketing at WellcomeMat, a content management & publishing platform changing the way people experience places and spaces through video.

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A few random notes:

  • Growing up I was a huge fan of “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. The idea that a story could unfold into multiple paths and that I played an active role was incredibly compelling to me.
  • I believe an actively engaged consumer is the future of entertainment.
  • While not a futurist per se, I have a track record for recognizing trends and picking technologies & services with staying power. For example, I predicted flash video’s (FLV) accent in 2004, the impact of location-based media in 2009 and–perhaps most notoriously–the rise of the hipster mustache. My wife can vouch for me on that last one.
  • The majority of my 11+ year career has been focused on branding and building interactive products for web, mobile and video. Learn more here on LinkedIn.
  • You can reach me anytime on Twitter @holaphil. I’ll generally follow back IF you: (A) say hello and (B) share topics I’m interested in.
  • When I was a kid, my mom and I were stopped by a big burly construction man doing roadwork. As the car sat idle, I turned and pointed to the ‘Men at Work’ sign and asked, “Mommy, don’t women work too?” I believe modern conventions must constantly be questioned. What seems impossible now can be made possible through hard work and determination.
  • I’ve been awarded two patents in the video space and written extensively about the future of video search.
  • Ever since my first Fischer Price record player, music has mirrored my journey through life. When time permits, I share tracks here on Spotify.
  • Good products solve problems, truly great products also create them. A product manager should understand the distinction between the two.

The following list outlines my five core strengths as a founder, product designer and video pioneer:

  1. PRODUCT MANAGEMENT / STRATEGY - I’ve led the creative design and product development for a variety of services including a mobile video/photo sharing app, video encoding/hosting platforms and–arguably–the web’s first interactive video player for “the cloud”.
  2. DESIGN / UX - My work ethos is drawn from a career branding and building interactive products for web, mobile and video. I am a skilled UX/UI interface designer who thrives on bringing new products and ideas to life.
  3. EMERGING MEDIAChoosing the winners is a critical asset for companies as all technology and product decisions have financial implications. I have a track record for recognizing trends and picking technologies with staying power.
  4. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING - As the world becomes more connected, social media will continue to play a critical role in both the marketing and development of most products and services. I have vast experience leveraging the social web to foster conversations and maximize the value of branded content.
  5. VIDEO PRODUCTION - I have a deep understanding of the video platforms marketplace and experience managing every facet of video production including the direction, production, editing and packaging of content.

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Say hello anytime and thanks for stopping by!

- Phil