FrameSocket is for Content Owners and Developers.

FrameSocket helps direct traffic for your videos back to your domain as opposed to ceding traffic to a third party domain (i.e, YouTube, Vimeo). Embed your Framesocket Video Gallery on your domain, give us the URL, and we’ll point all traffic to your domain.

FrameSocket's turnkey API engine powers media integration for development teams and businesses of any kind. Quickly implement video and photo uploads, custom CDN’s, encoding, hosting, and distribution into your products.

FrameSocket is a content management (library) tool for content owners. Gather videos from an unlimited amount of users and sources.

FrameSocket is completely plug & play. Partners can integrate their own players, hosting, advertising and analytics at their discretion.

FrameSocket offers video search/tagging technology which helps content owners chapter videos like a DVD. This is tremendously useful for long formatted content.