As a Principal Product Manager, I supported new product innovation within Verizon Media's content studio team, RYOT Studio. This team was responsible for creating next-gen content across multiple media platforms including video, mobile, AR, and VR. My focus was to identify and drive innovative improvements for RYOT’s team of 25+ content creators, creative directors, business analysts, and account executives. During my time in this role, I managed the end-to-end process across multiple product design, development, and data teams including leading all phases of product design, development, and delivery.

Core clients included:

  • Account Directors: Collaborated with account directors in search of best practices for communicating data narratives for clients.
  • Data Analysts: Worked closely with cross-functional teams of business intelligence analysts and product leadership to develop new reporting strategies for gathering KPIs across RYOT's video content business lines.
  • Creative Producers: Partnered with operations leadership to identify and solve operational challenges that could inhibit scale while ensuring teams had the proper execution plans to activate and test new innovation programs.

Problems I worked on:

  • How can we retool our data and analytics platforms to extract more meaningful insights for our content team, publishers, and clients?
  • How can we further monetize our video content for partners and publishers beyond traditional CPM/CPC based advertising business models?
  • How can we generate greater consumer engagement with our ad products and subsequently deliver more value for our publisher and advertisers?


  • Activated over 750k in new sponsorship revenue by introducing Verizon Media's first ever interactive shoppable video experiences. This work opened doors for additional revenue streams within Verizon Media agency partnerships and helped initiate further e-commerce innovation across Yahoo’s publisher network.
  • 5x increase in reporting speed and accuracy by implementing a new publisher content reporting tools. Prior to this work, the team relied heavily on sourcing data through a combination of third-party analytics tools (which we were under pressure to sunset) and MS Excel sheets. Empowered through the data, new dashboard design and data visualizations, account managers no longer required BI analyst resources to pull reports. Teams could now share immediate data insights with clients and content creators. This work allowed Verizon Media to sunset duplicative analytics contracts and subsequently shift precious BI analyst resources on to other projects.
  • Greatly improved operational scale across Verizon Media's publisher CMS by way of increasing communication through steady coordination across our publisher product and data teams.