As the first executive hire, I joined NOW//with in 2019 at a time when there were a lot of ideas for what the NOW//with would become, but no obvious direction nor MVP to **. **At the time, our two co-founders had just completed a round of funding and were seeking to position the brand as a destination where consumers could watch and shop their favorite brands -- all curated by celebrity talent. “The people you love, sharing the things they love.” Over the following 18 months I helped a conboard a team , build our MVP, and establish a framework for success

While there had been some preliminary testing of the idea, there

At the time there were two co-founders with a vision NOW//with creates and curates new forms of social commerce for consumers by integrating talent, e-commerce, and video into a seamless unified shoppable experience.

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WellcomeMat was born in a garage (yes a real garage) back in 2005. I co-founded the company and spent six years running product and marketing while managing develop and design teams based in Boulder, CO and Brooklyn, NY. WellcomeMat’s video platform helps real estate brokers, agents, and brands create and intelligently share unique local content told through the power of video. At the time of our launch, online video was just beginning to grow in popularity with YouTube having launched just a few months earlier.

Today, WellcomeMat and our team support video strategies for thousands of real agents and many of world’s leading real estate brands,

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Product Council

I founded the Product Council in 2013. The inspiration came to me after spending multiple years in the NYC startup community. Over time I discovered that many if not most startup themed events targeted how startups are funded, as opposed to how their products are made. I wanted to spotlight how startups (and also larger funded businesses) build great products.

Today, Product Council has over 1,500 members and continues to host events in support of designers, entrepreneurs, and product managers gathering to share and solve product challenges.

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Pegshot is a mobile startup I co-founded in 2009. The idea for this business came as a result of a mobile video service our team initially built for Wellcomemat. At the time, I had been working with our team to develop a mobile app for consumers to quickly capture and upload video on WellcomeMat. Each video could be tagged immediately with relevant local MLS information and then shared on WellcomeMat as well as promoted across relevant social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter). With Pegshot, we simply broadened that concept beyond real estate in support of video AND photos tagged to any place or space around the world.

While Pegshot received early support and accolades, over time the market became oversaturated with platforms (e.g. Instagram) with more greater scale and larger financial backing. Consequently, we shuttered Pegshot in 2011 to continue focusing on the growth of WellcomeMat.

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I helped co-found, build, and brand Framesocket in 2011 with my long time business partner, Christian Sterner. Framesocket was initially conceived out of the need to make it easier to develop our own video-based applications. Having developed a majority of the video services and solutions for WellcomeMat ourselves, we understood the challenges other developers and founders would face trying to tackle similar challenges. With Framesocket, we could help others who might want to build apps that leverage video, without having to create the whole backend from scratch.

Today, while we no longer sell Framesocket as a service, the core of Framesocket's API services continue to power WellcomeMat's video solutions.

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New York Television Festival

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The Future of Local

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